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Boot Creative is the evolution of Robin Boot Photography, founded by Robin Boot in 2010.  Photography started as a hobby when Robin was young, initially fuelled by his passion for wildlife and nature.  After leaving school, Robin pursued a career in professional rugby, in England and France, while also studying at The University of Bristol obtaining a degree in modern languages.  Photography was initially a form of creative escapism but, as rugby injuries cut short his playing career, it quickly turned into a profession. Robin added filmmaking to his repertoire in 2014 and has since also gained expertise in various other creative areas, such as livestreaming, podcasting and online event support and facilitation. Today, he often finds himself working with ex-teammates at hospitality events and his language skills have proved vital for some of Boot Creative's international clients.

What you might not know about Robin is that, when he's not behind a camera or in a client meeting, he has a parallel career as a stand-up comedian, musician, actor and presenter. Without realising it, you might have seen him perform anywhere from Edinburgh to Adelaide or even pop up on your TV screen (notably as the face of Haribo).  Although he usually keeps these careers separate, his experience in front of camera and on stage helps when generating ideas, trying to get the best out of an interviewee and script writing.



Camera Operator, Filmmaker, Video Editor

Matt has a diverse filmmaking portfolio which includes working with Syrian refugees in Jordan, creating music videos for rising musicians, capturing those special memories at countless weddings, producing brand-minded buzz reels at corporate events and even writing, directing and producing feature length films.    He is passionate about filmmaking and loves having the opportunity to work with such varied and interesting clients.




Victoria is an experienced photographer whose work has taken her around the the world. Over the last 15 years, she has developed an extensive repertoire, initially through her press work with newspapers and magazines and subsequently for global brands and on international advertising campaigns. 
Professional and also very personable, Victoria has a unique ability to put clients and subjects at ease – enabling the very best results at the end of each shoot. She has an adventurous nature, takes a keen interest in extreme sports and travel, and readily tackles any situation with enthusiasm and tenacity.




Noah has over 20 years experience in the photography business, working with clients that include large corporate companies, PR teams, galleries, event organisers, numerous publications, sporting events and artists.

Some of his career highlights include photographing the late Queen, capturing beautiful works of art from many top artists and many overseas trips with the likes of Jose Cuervo Tequila.

He was introduced to photography through art school and also creates photographic art works and sculpture heavily influenced by architecture.

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